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Kujenga Club

Kujenga means build in Swahili. We will help build up skills for people with special needs. Some individuals are from the reentry and incarcerated populations. Autism, learning disabilities, Irlen syndrome and stress are hidden disabilities.

Recreation Therapy

Counseling utilizing your interests in Recreation and Leisure to obtain, retain, and/or maintain a skill or proficiency in life. We work with multiple levels of functioning. When life is stressful, unclear, difficult or appears hopeless we can work on it together.

C It Яight

Irlen® screenings will reveal if you have the Syndrome or not. If written materials are difficult to read and/or appears to be in motion, let’s talk. If you get headaches, bump into objects or anyone has said you were clumsy, you might have a perception concern. You might have the Irlen Syndrome.

Emunah True

We want you to live life not just survive it!

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Licensed in North Carolina and Oklahoma
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